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The Fair Housing Center's mission is to protect and expand fair housing rights, eliminate housing discrimination, and promote integrated communities. Our advocates are available to assist victims of housing discrimination in a variety of ways, which may include providing education on their rights, assisting them in making a reasonable accommodation or modification request, investigating a complaint, engaging with a housing provider on a tenant’s behalf, or supporting victims in exercising their fair housing rights.

The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they are renting, buying, or securing financing for any housing. Federal protections include race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability and familial status (ie. pregnancy, the presence of children). Additional protections may exist in your city’s fair housing law as well.

The Fair Housing Center does not provide legal advice or have attorneys on staff. We do provide education and advocacy to members of the community with fair housing questions and concerns.

Services include:

  • Education on fair housing rights
  • Advocacy under Fair Housing Act
  • Assistance in making reasonable accommodation (RA) and reasonable
    modification (RM) requests to housing providers
  • Assistance in requesting appeal to housing application denial due to
    criminal background/history
  • Assistance for persons denied housing because of housing voucher/benefits in cities with source of income protections
  • Assistance for those experiencing domestic violence and/or sexual harassment
  • Assistance in filing a fair housing complaint
  • Fair Housing Education & Training for housing providers, consumers, social workers, real estate professionals, and others Fair Housing Research

Potential COVID-19 related services (not limited to):

  • Help to make a reasonable accommodation request for (but not limited to): additional time to move/vacate, ability to pay rent via mail (or other contactless method), ability to have your service or assistance animal in your home without penalty or added fee. Please note, reasonable accommodation or modifications requests must be made in connection with a disability and disability-related need for the request.

  • Help those that feel as though they have been discriminated against in their housing based on their country (or perceived country) of origin or suspicion of having COVID-19.

For more information or assistance, please contact the office at 216-361-9240 to speak with an advocate or fill out the form on our website to report a housing discrimination case at http://www.thehousingcenter.org/. We now also have a webpage dedicated to COVD-19 related assistance which can be found here: http://www.thehousingcenter.org/covid-19/


  • These people don't help those living at the winton manor located at 1012 Prospect ave, Cleveland ohio 44115, because for years we have complained about the manager sexually harassing us, unlawful evictions and infestations management refuses to exterminate. This agency gets grants and only helps a certain population. they are a farce!

    tonysmith1 "(over 1 year ago)"
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