Online Free art & craft tutorials to create at home with your kids!

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McHarper Manor Art studio will be going live daily Monday through Friday at 1pm Eastern Time, with free art & craft tutorials to create at home with your kids! We'll have shopping lists (with links to the supplies you can order from online suppliers) so you can have supplies on-hand to complete the projects with us! We hope this helps the parents, grandparents, nannies, and in home providers to still have something fun to do with these little guys, and something exciting to look forward to during a time that can be quite overwhelming for kids. Art is therapy, friends! And if there was ever a time for it, it's now!

All of our resources are web-based. Our Facebook page, is the hub for most of our info.

All of our LIVE video information can be found in our FAQ's Here:

If interested persons are NOT on facebook, Content will be posted to our YouTube channel "Made with McHarper" 2 hours following the livestream HERE:

Our blog for supplies can be found HERE: and is updated regularly as content is planned and released.

We are not accepting in-person visits or phone calls at this time, as the response has been overwhelming.


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