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Cleveland Pandemic Response (CPR) is a group of organizers and community members who are helping facilitate the exchange of services, donations and volunteer time in Northeast Ohio during the COVID-19 crisis. We are using 2 websites to help do this:

1) The Cleveland Pandemic Response Community Hub is the website where you are right now! On this site:

  • people in need of support can connect with local organizations who are offering services, donations and help.
  • member organizations can connect with people who have requested services/donations and publicize calls for volunteer help/donations.
  • volunteers can sign up to offer their time and services to local organizations and people.

2) The NEO Community Timebank is a site where people can directly exchange free skills, donations and services with one another. The NEO Timebank has been up and running since 2018 and is now expanding to help with COVID19 response.

FOR PEOPLE IN NEED OF HELP OR DONATIONS: If you post your request on the Community Hub, member organizations will work to connect you with the services and donations you are looking for. If you make requests through this website, its member organizations will have access to your contact information.

If you would like to avoid sharing your information in this way, please use the NEO Community Timebank, where members can post requests and offers (without cash involved) and respond directly to each other. No members see each other's personal info unless you give permission. Timebank administrators can still see your personal information, but this info is not shared with organizations or governments.

Please choose which of these sites better meets your needs!

FOR COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS AND NONPROFITS: Please sign your organization up for the Community Hub. Doing so will give you access to:

  • requests for supplies, help and services that have been made on the site.
  • offers of donations and volunteer help made on the site.
  • online “case management” of requests and donations in coordination with other local organizations in the network.

You will be able to share what your organization is doing in your community, as well as post needs your organization may have for supplies and volunteers. Cleveland Pandemic Response does not do any vetting or background checks of people requesting or offering help, so please use your own judgment and organizational policies on vetting volunteers and serving the community responsibly.

Organizations and businesses can also join the NEO Timebank, but because short-term coordination of COVID19 response among organizations is best served by the software features of the CPR Community Hub, we suggest focusing here first and then joining the Timebank if you are able.

FOR VOLUNTEERS: You can post your skills and availability on the Community Hub and/or on the NEO Timebank. Each organization on the Community Hub will be able to see your offer and contact info. If you do not want your contact info visible to all organizations and community groups, please only use the NEO Timebank.

FOR BUSINESSES: Please post your need or offer as an individual on the Community Hub.

CONCERNS ABOUT PRIVACY? Please contact Cleveland Pandemic Response here if you are concerned about your privacy or rights while using these websites during the crisis. We will help walk you through your options.

For more information, here are the privacy policies of the CPR Community Hub and the NEO Timebank.


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